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Virtual  Gallery Archive

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    The Annual Fellowship
Virtual Exhibition


    The Annual Fellowship   Virtual Exhibition

    The Annual Fellowship   Virtual Exhibition

      October 2020

             March 2021
      Rosenberg & Citrino


              July 2021
    4 PAFA Alumni Show    

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  May / June 2022
    Group Show     

March / April 2022
      Group Show     

           August 2021
    4 PAFA Alumn Show    

Mystical Pond.jpg

Sensuous Shapes and Mimicry
    Barabara Sosson Solo Show   

    Aug / Oct 2022
      Group Show

Muareen Drdak
     Solo Show     

Entangled Tinelines
    Group Show     

  June / July 2023
    Group Show     

  Aug / Sept 2023
    Group Show     

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Fellowship of Pafa

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