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    Welcome to The Fellowship online Gallery; a website made by our non-profit organization, The Fellowship of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Each online exhibition will invite a different curator, from young professional to faculty and students, to curate an online exhibit experience. We invite PAFA Alumni and current students from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts to display their talent and creativity in 3-month virtual exhibits.  

    Res-o-nance is the first virtual exhibit by the Fellowship of PAFA, curated and designed by Mostafa Darwish.  

“Res-o-nance”: The strength of what art can do; it is what makes artists hungry for venturing through the tiniest of creeks and the expressive creative expansion of oneself through an infinitude of realities and realms. We see our current world awash with strong currents of chaos, oppression, inequity, societal struggle, gender inequalities, and the erosion of human rights. We have a voice to project, and it can come in many and different iterations. This is a platform where you are allowed to speak your heart; tell your story, speak your mind, open wide some shut eyes and introduce your journeys; the good, and the bad. It's all valid, it's all Art, and in embracing the power to be heard loud and clear, it makes its mark. This online exhibition platform focuses on the ongoing issues themes of systematic racism, social injustice, and inequalities of gender and race.  

To be directed to the Virtual Gallery and the website, please click on the arrow.

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