Welcome to The fellowship online Gallery. A website made by the Non-profit organization, The Fellowship of PAFA, inviting Alumns and current students from the Pennsylvania Academy of the fine art to display their talent and creativity on 3-month bases virtual exhibits. Each show will invite a different curator, from young professional to faculty and students, to curate an online exhibit experience.


   Resonance, is the first virtual exhibit by the Fellowship of PAFA, curated and designed by Mostafa Darwish. One of many installments of virtual exhibits that will be on regular Tri-monthly periods. Each show will invite a different young professional curator to curate the show, as well as define a theme for each.

   Res-o-nance; The strength of what art can do is what makes us artists hungry for venturing through the tiniest of creeks and expressing oneself through many realities and realms. Through the tranquil, and through the chaos, we see our current world under severe stress of oppression, unfairness, social struggles, gender inequalities, and rights. We have a voice to project, and it can come in many and different iterations. This is a platform where you are allowed to speak your heart out; tell your story, speak your mind, open the wide shut eyes and Introduce your journeys, and your journals for all to see the good, the bad, and the cruel. It's all valid, its art, and its power to be loud and clear is no match as it hits straight to the heart.


   This online exhibit theme focuses on the ongoing issues regarding; systematic racism, social injustice, and inequalities of gender and race.