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Louise Vinueza

Artist Statement

   The opportunity to paint has come later in life for me, and I find myself exploring a new artistic voice with half a century of life already lived. Those life experiences find their influence in the nostalgic moods and dream-like quality of my paintings. I experience a shift from reality to fantasy occurring when I paint, and that affinity with Magical Realism connects me to my Latin American heritage. If I begin a painting and allow myself to be open to the direction it goes without prejudice, I am often surprised in the end by an image that is totally unfamiliar to me. 

The physical properties of paint and subject matter are equal considerations in my work. The unpredictability of loose paint requires an intuitive approach to painting and becomes a lesson in trust. My paintings tend to be small, and are described as haunting, quirky, mysterious, and sometimes humorous. I am drawn to quiet, and I employ that quality to areas of my paintings using subtlety in my color choices. The boldness of bright color, thick paint or energetic gesture are evidence of my emotional state. 

I have a need to make my work personal and intimate, and only consider a painting successful if it captures something that is real. I am reminded of the young children I taught who never questioned their own instincts, but instead, grabbed a loaded brush for the sensual joy of releasing it. 

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