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Esaí Alfredo Figueroa Ruiz, is a painter, printmaker and illustrator born in Caguas, Puerto Rico. In 2020, he received his bachelor's degree in illustration and painting from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts (PAFA). He currently resides in the town of Yabucoa in Puerto Rico, where he was raised and works as a full time artist.



These recent digital pieces are an extension of my traditional artwork, particularly my oil paintings. They serve as supplementary information for the stories that I depict in my paintings. Some of the illustrations are actual digital versions of existing paintings I've done, such as The Road Sign. Using the digital medium, I create images that can be the past or the future events of a painting, because when I see a finished piece of mine, I think to myself "this painting captures a moment, a single second of a greater event, so what happened before that moment, and what happened afterwards? 


Since I began to do this, it allows me to more clearly picture the stories in my paintings and it's a medium that allows me to work much faster when generating and sketching ideas.

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