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(b.1998) is a Philadelphia based artist with an undergraduate degree from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in painting and sculpture. She’s also previously studied landscape and figurative painting in Italy at The Rome Workshops. Kelly has been awarded grants and scholarships for her work, including The Raymond D. and Estelle Rubens Travel Scholarship – which she used to travel to Switzerland, Italy and Spain - and the Lois and Charles X Carlson Landscape Residency.  In 2021 she received The Elizabeth Greenshields Grant to continue working on large figurative paintings in a studio inspired by the landscape and people of Philadelphia.


 This new body of work is about being an opportunist as an onsite painter. I am interested in how things exist in light that gives them a sparkle and makes me want to paint it. Working outdoors helps me to find clarity and discover unsuspecting harmonies in the natural and man-made world.  There is an immediacy to painting outdoors. It feels real, and my muse is right in front of me, but not for long. I do my best to preserve that memory of light in a short period of time. 

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