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Artist Statement

Connections form in childhood that remain, later to surface and influence our choices as adults. I recall gardening with my mother as a child, when I would collect flowers and press them. Years later, my interest in plants and making paper from plants continues. Sculpting with paper that I make by hand, is a reflection of my willingness to embrace the unknown, which leads me to the medium’s true intentions. Being a creative thinking and doer means living a creative, balanced life.  In the end, we can say that what we created was our own.

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Heather Corey attended the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts for the Master of Fine Arts program (class of 2007).  Her MFA concentration was in printmaking and papermaking. The refinement of her capacity as an artist, as well as her instructional techniques and philosophy, reflect the high standards of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.  From that influence, Heather has continued to incorporate a traditional style of pulling sheets of handmade paper, while at the same time, developing processes to use pulp and paper for creating sculptures.  In 2014, she debuted her first paper and sculpture collection, ‘Love Corsetry,’ at Lingerie Fashion Week, which showcased a textural and colorful expression of the corset.  Heather continues to be inspired by the feminine form and draws inspiration from Parisian glamour to channel her love for assembled textures through her handmade paper.  Her sculptured corsets share her vision of feminine motion with the viewer through detailed manipulation of handmade paper fibers and paper clay in two-dimensional and three-dimensional forms. 

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