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Artist’s Statement


   I am fascinated by the effects of tides, wind, gravity and light. Drawn to the way invisible forces animate our world, I engage these elements in my paintings, videos and light installations. Stalking the ephemeral, I seek phenomena that fuel my exploration of transcendence, which Joseph Campbell referred to as "that to which words and thoughts do not reach”. 

   In my video work, a crucial component is the editing process, where I challenge perception by sculpting time. By slowing down or speeding up time, I take the viewer on a journey into things that are often unnoticed or overlooked. The wind as it sways a field of grasses. A crystal clear tide pool churned into a thick blanket of undulating foam. A field of fireflies twinkling at dusk. 

The interplay between the primordial and the transitory lasts for mere seconds. Yet together they produce revelations. Within the ever fleeting lies a glimpse of the eternal.

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Illuminations Series
Illuminations Series
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Worlding Series
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Dreaming Slumber
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