Artist Statement

I make paintings because I love images and the process of creating. However I hope by closely examining thoughts on family, erosion of memory, the shape of space a person leaves behind, and even the imagination of childhood, that I am creating something universal. 

   The surface of mylar recalls the slick surface of photographs. I build up the surface, sand it down and build it up again. In the process of working, time and history, as well as deterioration of image enrich the surface and breathe life into the work.

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Michele Leclaire attended the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, for both the certificate program (class of 2003) and Masters of Fine Arts (class of 2006). Her certificate work focused on printmaking and drawing, while her MFA concentration was in painting.


   Greatly influenced by the Academy’s atelier training, Michele left the certificate program in love with materials, process, and the human form. Her father’s death occurred during the first year of MFA studies. This event turned Michele’s creative energies inward. She became fascinated with old family photographs and the distortion of memory. Michele continues to explore the effects of time on memory in her search to connect with those who have passed from life. Looking to distill the essence of a moment captured by the camera or combine moments that span decades, Michele creates new memories to continue the conversation with the past.


   Michele exhibits her work primarily in the Midwest and is included in private and public collections nationally, including “101 Artists” Fred Danziger’s Collection of Contemporary Art and traveling exhibitions. Michele lives and works in Flint, MI with her family.