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About the Artist

    Sara Havekotte; I am really inspired by the actions of everyday life. Routine can often be seen as banal, but I find there is a certain form of meditation that comes out in the process of doing the same set of tasks repeatedly. With such measure, the slightest interruption can become surprising, terrifying, or beautiful. My practice aims to cohesively and elegantly merge together the many types of scraps of life into objects that maintain a sense of quiet introspection and meditation. These scraps usually take the form of fabric wall works, weavings and books.In my work I am interested in exploring femininity and trauma, what was it like to grow up in the body of a woman when you don’t feel like one? What does it mean when abuse takes your body, and perhaps, your gender from you? And what does it look like, when you have to start coming back to it?

    I am an artist and arts professional working in Philadelphia, PA. I received my Master of Fine Art  from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art (2020), and my undergraduate degree from the Maryland Institute College of Art(2013). I am a current member of the Spillway Collective in Philadelphia PA, and have exhibited at spaces such as Current Space Gallery, Baltimore MD; Atelier FAS Gallery, Philadelphia PA, The Weaving Mill, Chicago IL; and Terrault Gallery, Baltimore MD. Before moving to Philadelphia for my Masters degree I was a participating member at Current Space Collective in Baltimore MD.

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