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About the Artist

  Sanjay Pelinski;  “Slam,” “Crash,” and “Hide” is a series comprised of three multi-media works I completed during my Post-Baccalaureate at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art in 2018. I was studying the energy of the body as it fights to break free from a place that is, essentially, unescapable. I hung blank forty-two-inch by thirty-inch pieces of paper as a diptych on my studio wall. Gazing into the empty space would put me into a state of tranquility, until the shimmer of light on the paper transformed itself to a coliseum full of roaring spectators. A shadowlike enemy would step forth and we would battle each other. I used chalk, pastel, ink, and gouache paint as my weapons. I used the energy of the body as my weapon without using a single punch. Twisting, pulling, dodging, the energy of my body became my defense. My enemy was faster and larger than me. In the piece “Crash,” I landed a single, powerful hit. My enemy yielded; I left the blank sheet of paper - leaving behind an image of my victory over my enemy.

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