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About the Artist


    M. Adil Ozturk started the Design and Art education in high school. He graduated from Vocational High School (Graphic Design-Photography) in 2010 and followed by a degree in Visual Design from FMV. Isik University in 2015. Later, he obtained the certificate of Pedagogical Program in the Marmara University Education Department (Atatürk Eğitim Fakültesi). In 2016 he pursued his graduate degree and obtained his dream in the USA. He graduated from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts(PAFA), MFA program.


     After he graduated from PAFA he gained one-year training and working permission from the US government that he used fully to gain more experiences within his faculty. In addition to his teaching abilities, his qualifications include advanced knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite for graphic design/illustration, product photography, digitizing, and post-editing on the top of painting capabilities. Moreover, Adil is very inspired by philosophy and politics. His current research is concerned with one of the global issues in today’s world, Orientalism vs. Occidentalism.

Instagram @madilozturk

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