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About the Artist

   Francine Renée Schneider, Excerpt ; At age 60, I had to reinvent myself. Now, painting and growing as an artist was my priority. I was accepted at The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia, PA. I deliberately chose PAFA because of its historical significance and their relevance in today's contemporary art world. I completed the Post Baccalaureate program, and was subsequently awarded the honor of an Alumni Fellow studio at PAFA for two years.


    By being a member of the PAFA community, my painting is making a significant shift which continues to evolve. As my health changes, my life changes and my art changes. As a result of this new perspective on life and art, I've chosen to be known as Francine Renée Schneider, using both my original given first and middle names in my artwork. Renée in French translates into the word reborn and defines who I am now and what my work and life represents.

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